About Us...

We handle Organic/Conventional ingredients for the food and Beverage industry; but we do not limit our operation to Imports and distribution, we also support processors Overseas with Knowledge to make them competitive in the constantly changing global market; also provide logistics, warehousing services to manage stocks for companies that uses small volumes.

We have grown into a worldwide player distributing Fresh/Dried fruit and vegetables. Respect and sustainability form the very solid basis of our company. We prefer to work with long term partnership in both sourcing as well as our customer base. Also, social and economic behavior is translated into sustainability.

Our mission: We want to be your first choice of high quality processed, Fresh and dried organic/conventional and Fairtrade fruit and vegetable ingredients. We focus on customized products for different customer groups and deliver a high-quality level and a quick response time.

We guarantee product safety and offer chain control. From field to factory, from factory to customer.

Thank you for putting your trust in us.

Sandra Alvarez